Effects Of Body Waxing On Men

It is common to note that men aren’t usually afraid of anything, but then again there are a number of men who are afraid of body waxing. The painful procedure of hair removal can sometimes lead men to jump off the parlour table due to the excessive pain. However, experts say that the use of shaving can give you a number of problems relating to hair growth and skin cuts. Therefore, beauticians will suggest the painful procedure of body waxing. No matter how simple body waxing may seem to you, it is indeed just as bad as shaving. The continuous use of body waxing or brazilian wax  does have side effects which many of us aren’t aware of. For men hair growth is thicker so, here are some of the side effects of body waxing you should keep in mind the next time you visit a salon and have a brazilian wax.

Ingrown hair

This is a side effect of body waxing. The reason being that the hair removal is done in the opposite direction of the follicle. It is commonly found in areas where the hair is coarse or curly. The tip is to exfoliate the area before you wax.

Peeled Skin

Due to the heat of the wax, the skin can get burnt a little thus leading to its peeling. It should be noted that the wax should not be too hot. Test the wax before you apply on the area to be waxed.


Due to the pressure applied to remove the hair, the area gets inflamed. If this occurs, you need to apply a cold compression immediately.


This hair removal process tends to remove a layer of oil from the skin leaving it dry. Therefore a breakout is possible for men after waxing. The tip is to apply a little powder on the area before you wax.


A common side affect of body waxing is bumps. This is because the area is waxed frequently. Keeping a time gap will avoid one from developing bumps.

Skin Change

There are some men who over-expose themselves to the sun. Their skin could be sensitive and can lead to skin change after body waxing.


Coarse hair is the common skin problem when it comes to body waxing. A tip- Trim the hair before you wax.


A lot of pressure in removing the thick hair will lead to bruising and sometimes bleeding. It is a normal side effect of body waxing in men.

Dry skin

After care is very important. Applying cold cream or an oil massage will work wonders after a body wax.


If you have a sensitive skin, make sure you use herbal wax for waxing. The reason for skin allergy after body waxing could be due to the wax.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 15:17 [IST]


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